How fat burners for weight loss work

Raise your hand if you keep going on a yearly diet to shed some pounds but keep finding it hard to accomplish your goals. If this struggle sounds familiar, you may have investigated alternative methods to support weight loss instead of sustaining yourself on salad greens and air. A seemingly miraculous solution you may have stumbled upon is a fat burner. These pills are typically said to melt the unwanted kilos, and after a description like that, anyone would want to give a fat burner a try. If you’ve ever been curious about fat burners and what they can do for your journey and body, this post is for you. 

What Are Fat Burner Supplements? 

We’ve all been seduced by the appeal of a pill that can transform out body into exactly what we want. Fat burners are a group of supplements that promise to do exactly that – it’s as if they’ll wave a magic stick and burn the unwanted flab and fats from your body. They can be a great help for those that struggle with loosing unwanted pounds, however, it’s important to understand which ones of them work and which ones you should watch out for.  

How Fat Burners Work 

Before getting into the nitty gritty of how fat burners do the things they do, it’s key to understand what weight loss entails.

Theoretically, weight loss is simple – you just need to get less energy from your diet than you spend during the day. However, many people find it difficult to put this into practice – sometimes your lifestyle might get in the way, other times things arise and your focus shifts elsewhere. Or the changes everyone advises you on might simply not work for you. A particular diet might leave you constantly hangry or you simply might not have the energy to spend hours playing sport to help with weight loss.

With all that being said, decreasing the amount of fat you have, lowering your weight and helping your body maximize its potential is still possible. It requires dedication, a nutritional approach that is useful and effective for you, and a will to increase your activity levels. Should you want extra support, effective fat burners can be used to assist you. 

How does a fat burner function? There are many different burners and they have different methods of action. However, in general, they increase the amount of energy your body uses. They can also help the body use fats for fuel more efficiently, which can assist with lowering your fat amounts, or they might just stop you from taking in fats all together. 

Whether or not they’re always effective is a different story, as some of them may carry risks with their use. Fat burner supplements can be made from one active ingredient or more than one, so it’s also key to be aware of what every ingredient might do. To assist you in making choices that work for you, it’s a great idea to explore common fat burners on the market currently. 

Common Fat Burners

Each person has their own goals, habits and preferences. It is therefore essential to understand how a fat burner can contribute to the realization of your specific goals. To help you choose from the tons available, we’ll cover common ones so you know how they function and feel empowered to make choices for your benefit. 


One of the greatest hits of the 2000s was an Asian herb called Ephedra sinica, or ma huang. It held promise in being the next big thing for fat burners. This herb contains a compound called ephedrine, which is what gives it its fat burner properties. It works in a couple of ways. 

After taking it, your muscles spend more energy, which increases how many calories you burn on a day-to-day basis by almost 4%, increasing metabolism. Additionally, it causes a type of fatty tissue in the body called brown adipose tissue to increase its action, helping you melt your fatty stores. 

However, alongside these beneficial properties, it has some weaknesses, which include its effect on our heart health. These side effects and some individual cases have caused the banning of this fat burner by the FDA and certain other countries. 


This fat burner is actually a type of medicine. It best functions when combined with restriction of energy intake to support loss of fat. It is often used for those who are already overweight and have additional health concerns due to that. 

This fat burner works in a different way to many of the other fat burners mentioned in this post. Instead of making the body use more fat for energy and boosting metabolism, this one stops the uptake of fats from the foods we eat. 

A benefit to this fat burner is that since it’s a drug, it’s FDA approved. However, it is usually prescribed. 


This supplement has been a bit controversial in the fat burner field. L-carnitine has a weird name, but it’s similar to a vitamin – it’s an amino acid that has undergone some changes. The main use of this compound is in shuttling fats. What that means is that it acts like a taxi, transporting fats in the cell into mitochondria, where they will be used to make energy. Additionally, it assists with metabolism related to glucose. 

However, an investigation into 37 controlled trials showed that there is a positive effect of supplementing this substance and weight loss, as it reduces weight, fat mass, and BMI. 

A reminder for those planning its use as a long-term solution – the longer you take it for, the less the effect may be. 


Did you know that over 150 million people in the US consume coffee? If you’re part of that club, then you might be drinking a fat burner without even knowing it. 

The compound responsible for the biggest fat burning effects seems to be caffeine, although it’s not the only beneficial thing found in this beverage. Drinking caffeinated coffee regularly can support lower levels of fat in the body, but this effect hasn’t been noted in decaf drinkers. Doubling coffee consumption also doubles the benefits in this case. 

You might be curious about its mode of function. The levels of certain chemical messengers which stimulate the brain and lead to lower weight are increased by it. Additionally, it literally burns fat, assisting with lipid use for energy release in the body. 

A trick to get the most out of this fat burner is to pair it with exercise. That’s because during sporting activity the stimulant can help use more fat for fuel, helping you get rid of the pounds quicker. 

If you want the benefits of coffee, but don’t really like the laste of it, consider a caffeine supplement, like Maxler Guarana 2000, which is made from natural guarana that contains the stimulant but doesn’t taste like coffee

Green tea

Are you a big fan of a cup of refreshing green tea after your meal or just during the day? Should you be drinking it already, you may be onto something. What’s so magical about green tea? 

If we take green tea apart, there are a few compounds that stand out. These include a specific type of polyphenols, called catechins. Additionally, it has caffeine. 

These are active ingredients that affect our body in certain ways. The usage of fats for energy can be boosted by green tea extract. Catechins lower levels of norepinephrine, which increases our ability to utilize lipids as fuel for the body. Plus, they can affect how the body uses glucose. It may also cause the expression of signals in our cells that prevent the making of new fats. Our metabolism can be benefitted by the presence of caffeine and this can synergize with catechin’s effects. This supplement can increase levels of leptin, which tells the body that you feel full and don’t need to eat. 

In all, green tea is more than just a fat burner. 

However, there is a little caveat – while many of us might drink green tea, the studies that looked at its efficacy use green tea extract, which is like a more concentrated version of green tea. Additionally, keep in mind that for most of these cases, this supplement was used alongside a meal plan that restricts calories. 

Protein powder

Is protein powder a fat burner? Not quite, however, it can be a useful and convenient tool on your journey to your perfect shape. This macronutrient is a great way to boost your body’s energy release and metabolism. How exactly does protein work? 

Numerous benefits are associated with increasing your intake, especially for those looking for a slimmer or toned body. That’s because your muscles depend on adequate intake of the protein. In fact, simply getting a higher amount of this macro into your diet can help you lose pounds even without needing to lower your calories. That’s because digesting it requires more energy than other types of nutrients. 

Alongside that, this macro is essential for the feeling of fullness after a meal. It supports satiety and keeps you from wanting to eat for longer. 

Should you pair it with some resistance exercise, you’ll find you muscle mass increasing, which will naturally increase the number of calories the body burns, boosting metabolism. 

It’s a no brainer at this point as to why this macro should be on everyone’s list of top supplements for the shape of your dreams. If you’re interested in boosting your intake, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  1. Try to get most of your requirements from high-quality food protein sources 
  2. Protein powders can easily provide good quantity of aminos in each serving 
  3. Choose a protein powder that aligns with your goals nutritionally and adheres to high manufacturing standards and quality, such as Maxler Ultra Whey
  4. Space your intake of the macro evenly for best results 

Are Fat Burner Supplements Safe? 

How safe supplements like fat burners are has always remained a concern for users and consumers. The results are fat burner dependent, with some supplements carrying less risk with their use than others, however that is determined on a case by case basis. Should you want to add a fat burner to your daily routine, the best course of action is to undergo a consultation with a professional. 

They’ll be able to advise you on whether your fat burner of choice can be a good fit for you or if you should reconsider. 

What’s the Best Fat Burner?

Let us tell you a little secret – the best fat burner is the combination of a diet and exercise plan that works for you. Miracle pills or liquids may be a tempting, quick and easy solution, however, they just may not be cut out to help you make the progress you want. Therefore, we suggest the following as the best fat burner for you: 

  1. Decrease your current intake of energy by around 300-500 calories 
  2. Prioritize foods that keep you full, like fiber-rich grains and high volume veggies 
  3. Up your protein game, getting at least 20g of the macro with each meal 
  4. Make daily movement a habit – it doesn’t have to be gym sessions, even increasing your daily step count by 2000 steps is a good starting point 
  5. Head to bed at the same time daily and look for ways to get the recommended amount of sleep 
  6. Develop a system to support your journey and stay consistent – that can be setting up reminders, habit stacking, or even getting someone to hold you accountable

If you’ve completed every step of this list, adding a fat burner can be a good idea. Aim to get ones that have scientific support behind them, like caffeine. This way you’ll be sure that you’re assisting your efforts and not hindering them.

Throughout this journey, remember that any fat burner you select needs to be run past your physician. They’ll be able to advise on how to use them safely and whether there’s anything to look out for. Additionally, they can give you plenty of tips on how to get closer to accomplishing your goals and getting the body that you want. 

For extra tips and tricks on your quest for a healthier body, we have assembled a range of useful posts. They cover important topics such as why you should ensure you’re sleeping soundly to lose the pounds. 

Plus, we have a great variety of healthy recipes to benefit your efforts and make deciding on the next healthy meal easier, such as these 5 recipes that are high in protein and ridiculously easy! 

There’s a lot of controversy that surrounds fat burners. While some of them might be effective, others – not so much, so it’s a good idea to do your homework before you get seduced by another pill offering miracle results. If a fat burner seems like a good addition to your plans, then choose wisely to find those that actually deliver on their promise. Additionally, your efforts should be focused on step-by-step changes of your habits to assist your overall goals. This includes using nutritional strategies and exercise to support your efforts in becoming a better and healthier you.  

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