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Maxler brand products are a breakthrough in the sports nutrition industry. Established at the German market in 2004 and manufactured with the help of the most modern facilities, it is the benchmark for quality and taste. With significant design changes in 2010 Maxler has become a brand of higher level. The products quality has remained intact and the new bright and stylish design has magnified the brand's popularity among all groups of customers leading an active lifestyle.

However we at Maxler keep working hard on creating new effective formulas and as a result, in 2011 we have launched a new professional line manufactured in the USA. The USA market is truly the icon in the world of sports nutrition. Having clients' needs as the highest priority we have elaborated powerful professional formulas in cooperation with the American partners and now you get the chance to evaluate them. Twice more vitamins, great nutritional levels, optimal doses-all this is a guarantee that your body will pleasantly surprise you even after the first use.


At the moment Maxler's line includes all the products necessary to achieve amazing results: protein and protein-carbohydrate blends, creatine, isotonic drinks, amino acids, vitamins, regenerative supplements and collagens. Each product is manufactured on the basis of unique recipes in facilities of Germany and USA. Natural ingredients and various flavors make Maxler a step ahead of the rivals. Besides we offer you our products at reasonable prices and in really large variety.

Choosing Maxler you choose quality.

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