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Where science meets self care. Maxler’s Health & Wellness line empowers people to have an active, well-rounded lifestyle. We do this by offering a range of products made with the science-backed formulations, high quality ingredients, plus the great-tasting flavors Maxler is known for.

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Level up with our science-backed Health & Wellness Line nutritional bundles

Health & wellness products

Supplement your lifestyle with our science-backed health and wellness products

    Magnesium Glycinate Liquid Orange box

    Magnesium Glycinate Liquid Shots

    From 22.45

    Incl. VAT plus shipping

    Essential mineral in liquid form

      Curcumin Omega 3

      Curcumin Omega-3


      Incl. VAT plus shipping

      Better bioavailability, better overall health

        D3+K2 Vitamins bottle

        D3+K2 Vitamins


        Incl. VAT plus shipping

        Double action for bone and heart health

          Relax & Antistress bottle

          Relax & Anti-Stress


          Incl. VAT plus shipping

          Get to know a calmer you

            Vitamin E tabs

            Natural Vitamin E


            Incl. VAT plus shipping

            Natural antioxidant for inner and outward vitality

              B-Complex Effervescent Tablets box and tube



              Incl. VAT plus shipping

              Full body support for great energy and immunity

                Balance for Men bottle

                Balance for Men


                Incl. VAT plus shipping

                A unique multivitamin formula enriched with herbal extracts for male health

                  Vitamin Drink Concentrate Black Currant bottle

                  Vitamin Drink Concentrate

                  From 16.65

                  Incl. VAT plus shipping

                  More energy for a better workout

                    Marine Collagen Plus can

                    Marine Collagen Plus


                    Incl. VAT plus shipping

                    Bioactive collagen in powder form

                      Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate can

                      Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate


                      Incl. VAT plus shipping

                      Ultra-pure vitamin powder for first-rate health support

                        L-Carnitine Caps 750 bottle

                        L-Carnitine Caps 750


                        Incl. VAT plus shipping

                        Premium quality L-Carnitine in a capsule

                          Balance for Women bottle

                          Balance for Women


                          Incl. VAT plus shipping

                          A unique formula providing everything that's needed for female health

                            Flex Joint can

                            Flex Joint

                            From 28.69

                            Incl. VAT plus shipping

                            Сollagen-enriched complex for bone and joint health

                              Daily caps bottle

                              Daily Caps


                              Incl. VAT plus shipping

                              A vegan formula with all of your body needs

                                Collagen Hydrolysate can

                                Collagen Hydrolysate

                                From 12.75

                                Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                Highly bioavailable joint support

                                  BCAA Powder Strawberry-kiwi 210g can

                                  BCAA Powder

                                  From 14.75

                                  Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                  Boosting performance and muscle growth with BCAAs

                                    Marine Collagen Skin Care 500ml bottle

                                    Marine Collagen Skin Care

                                    From 21.60

                                    Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                    Bioactive collagen supporting your beauty

                                      Marine Collagen Hyaluronic Acid bottle

                                      Marine Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid Complex

                                      From 12.80

                                      Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                      Bioactive collagen in chlorophyllin coated capsules

                                        Magnesium B6 Effervescent citrus box

                                        Magnesium B6

                                        From 9.99

                                        Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                        Fizzy support for brain health

                                          Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C box

                                          Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C


                                          Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                          A fizzy collagen booster to take care of you skin

                                            Iron Plus Effervescent Tablets box

                                            Iron Plus


                                            Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                            Fizzy micronutrients for your blood health

                                              Ultra Whey

                                              From 15.99

                                              Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                              Superior quality whey for a healthy lifestyle

                                                Marine Collagen Skin Care box

                                                Marine Collagen Skin Care Shots

                                                From 21.95

                                                Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                                Nurturing Beauty with Bioactive Collagen

                                                  Omega-3 Kids box

                                                  Omega-3 Kids


                                                  Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                                  Supporting your child's brain

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