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Where science meets performance. Maxler’s PRO Line is specially formulated for professional athletes and those with an active lifestyle. Featuring science-backed formulations, high quality ingredients and nutrients, plus great-tasting flavors, the PRO Line fuels and nourishes your body during intense physical activity.

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Smash through your health and performance goals with our PRO Line nutritional bundles, each designed by clinical nutritionists for those performing at a high level

Pro Line Products

Supplement your training with our curated list of PRO Line products, specially designed for peak performers

    L-Citrulline Malate Powder


    Incl. VAT plus shipping

    Increasing progress, fighting fatigue

      100% Pure Glutamine


      Incl. VAT plus shipping

      Supporting muscle recovery and the immune system

        Arginine AAKG


        Incl. VAT plus shipping

        Supercharge your strength with vegan arginine

          Beta-Alanine can

          Beta-Alanine Powder


          Incl. VAT plus shipping

          Max out your sprinting power

            Amino Magic Fuel bottle

            Amino Magic Fuel

            From 21.99

            Incl. VAT plus shipping

            A quick acting complex of amino acids and carnitine

              Mega Gainer 1000 g bag

              Mega Gainer

              From 15.89

              Incl. VAT plus shipping

              Extra carbs, protein, and micronutrients for your bulks

                Guarana 2000 box

                Guarana 2000 Shots

                From 16.99

                Incl. VAT plus shipping

                Natural energy in your pocket

                  Creatine 100% Monohydrate 150g can

                  Creatine 100% Monohydrate

                  From 9.99

                  Incl. VAT plus shipping

                  Supercharge your gym performance

                    Black Kick 500g can

                    Black Kick

                    From 10.55

                    Incl. VAT plus shipping

                    Constant energy supply sports drink

                      Max Motion 500g can

                      Max Motion

                      From 10.50

                      Incl. VAT plus shipping

                      Vitamin-mineral drink in powder form

                        BCAA+Glutamine can


                        From 18.99

                        Incl. VAT plus shipping

                        Four amino acids for muscle growth, recovery and performance

                          Max Motion Effervescent

                          Max Motion Effervescent Tablets

                          From 11.65

                          Incl. VAT plus shipping

                          Vitamin-mineral drink in form of effervescent tablets

                            L-Carnitine 2000 Bottle

                            L-Carnitine 2000 Bottle

                            From 19.99

                            Incl. VAT plus shipping

                            Potent workout aid

                              L-Carnitine 3000 box

                              L-Carnitine 3000 Shots

                              From 8.79

                              Incl. VAT plus shipping

                              Your pocket-sized energy boost

                                L-Carnitine 3000 bottle

                                L-Carnitine 3000 Bottle

                                From 14.79

                                Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                Super concentrated workout formula

                                  Guarana 2000 Bottle

                                  Guarana 2000 Bottle

                                  From 15.99

                                  Incl. VAT plus shipping

                                  Get a boost of clean energy

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