Trick-or-Treat Together: 8 Healthy Halloween Ideas for the Whole Family

Trick-or-Treat Together: 8 Healthy Halloween Ideas for the Whole Family

October is synonymous with pumpkin carving, getting spooky costumes and decorations out, and, of course, trick or treating! But with all the excitement in the air, many people might be feeling a little apprehensive about one part of Halloween – all the candy. With an average person consuming a whopping 3.4 pounds of candy on the holiday, many health-conscious people might wonder if there are healthier alternatives. Can we even have a healthy Halloween?

If you’re looking for some ideas on making your Halloween healthier this year, we’ve got you covered with our 8 healthy Halloween ideas.

  1. Partake in spooky active activities

  2. One of the best things you can do this Halloween is get moving with your family. That doesn’t have to be a workout program for your kids. Instead, make up a fun day of activities that can get your whole family moving. Try a 3-legged zombie race, a mummy dance-off, or fall staples like bobbing for apples. Get your whole family feeling competitive and celebrate everyone’s wins!

  3. Become detectives with a scary scavenger hunt

  4. If you’re a big fan of looking for clues, a scary scavenger hunt can be just the thing for you, your friends, and your family. Set up a few clues outside, in a park, or even around your home, and race to find a hidden object or solve a mystery.

  5. Hold a Pumpkin Decorating Party

  6. Get in the Halloween mood while decorating a pumpkin together. If you’re not into carving, put your markers and stickers to good use and decorate the outside of the pumpkin. You can make this competitive or just do it for fun.

    Trick-or-Treat Together: 8 Healthy Halloween Ideas for the Whole Family

  7. Organize a costume contest or parade

  8. What about being creative and getting your steps in? Get a few houses in the neighborhood to hold a costume contest – whether you buy them or DIY them that’ll be a fun activity. Then, once everyone is ready, hold a costume parade in a nearby green space or someone’s yard, so everyone gets the chance to share their spooky ideas. The best costumes can win exciting trinkets like glow sticks or stickers.

  9. Make some spooky treats together

  10. Instead of relying on candy, invite your friends and family to make and decorate healthy treats of your own. Base them on fruit and vegetables for a better nutrition boost. There are plenty of recipes to get you inspired online, or you can check out our 5 Healthy Spooky Recipes.

    If you want to ensure you’re getting all the micronutrients you need on this busy and exciting day, start it off with a multivitamin. Balance for Men and Balance for Women are multivitamin formulas designed to provide you with vitamins and minerals for optimal health. They contain additional omega-3 fatty acids and herbal extracts for a bigger boost!

    Trick-or-Treat Together: 8 Healthy Halloween Ideas for the Whole Family

  11. Hold a Halloween Movie Night

  12. If Halloween night comes with bad weather, why not host a movie night? Pick out age-appropriate movies, then build and decorate your Halloween blanket fort. Grab some healthy snacks like warming spiced teas, fruit decorated as mummies, or homemade popcorn. It’s a great chance to share your favorite Halloween movies with your loved ones while staying warm and cozy at home.

  13. Try your hand at Halloween charades

  14. Here’s an activity that will get people laughing, moving, and excited – charades. Make a set of Halloween-themed prompts, from famous monsters to cartoon characters. Adults and children can have fun acting out one of the prompts. It’s a great way to spend some time together without the need to gorge on mountains of candy.

  15. Trick or Treat in a healthier way

If you’re going out Trick-or-Treating or if you’re part of your neighborhood route, you can make Halloween a healthier experience for the children of your community. Instead of giving out candy, choose healthier options like decorated fruit, lower-sugar chocolate, or homemade goodies. Or forgo edible things altogether and instead give out treats the kids will enjoy. Try glow sticks, bubbles, and vampire fangs – the kids will love them just as much.

If your kids are going out for a Trick-or-Treat, make sure they’re well-fed beforehand. Make sure they’ve had enough nutrients throughout the day – if you need some help in supporting your children’s vitamin intake, consider Maxler Omega-3 Kids and D3+K2 Vitamins Kids. They’re small in size and are easy to swallow.

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          Have some healthy snacks with you or after you come back if they’re hungry. Encourage your kids to take fewer pieces of candy and look for ways to donate the candy they won’t eat on the day. Instead of “buying back” their candy, why not reward them with a healthier alternative.

          Having a healthier Halloween doesn’t take the fun out of the holiday. Choose to be active and spend quality time with your family and friends during the day. Stay fuelled with healthier treats and foods, and be mindful of how you Trick-or-Treat. Better habits and better health can start with you, so make your Halloween what you want it to be!

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