Unlocking the Power of Vitamins: A Comprehensive Guide

Guide to vitamins

The word vitamin usually refers to a compound necessary for our health but not made by our body. Therefore, we must get it from our food. Unsurprisingly, a typical “Western” diet is thought to be low in vitamins except for B12. So, it’s vital to understand how to best include these nutrients in our lives.

A is for vision

The biological functions and forms of vitamin A are varied. Beta-carotene and retinol are the forms most found. We can accumulate vitamin A in our liver and fatty tissue. It participates in processes like vision, development, immunity, gene regulation and even keeps the bones strong and healthy.

We can get this vitamin from fruits and vegetables, which are brightly coloured and are ripe. Think mango, kale, tomato, and butternut squash. These are full of carotenoids, as well as being high in other nutrients. Our body can easily convert the carotenoids into vitamin A.

Products obtained from animals, like liver and milk, are also rich in this nutrient. For optimal amounts, choose higher fat products, however ensure that they’re consumed in moderation and your overall diet is balanced.

Try pairing vitamin A with fats or zinc, as these will help absorb retinol. Men need 900mcg, while women require 700mcg daily.

Vitamins - all you need to know

B if for blood

There’s a whooping 8 of B vitamins out there, and they all play a different role. They are super important for hemoglobin production.
Maxler B-Complex contains your daily vitamin B and c requirements. This complex is an easy way to supply your body with these key vitamins from the B group. The pomegranate-flavored drink might just be the tastiest and most effective way to get these vitamins.


B-co,plex and a glass of liquid

B1, thiamine, is essential in releasing energy from nutrients and assisting with growth. We need it to produce fatty acids, steroids, nucleic acids and even neurotransmitters. Men – aim for at least 1.2 mg of vitamin B1, while women require 1.1mg.

The bacteria in our guts can make very little B2, riboflavin, but we need it to digest fats and make energy. It is necessary for iron uptake and to regulate thyroid activity. You can find this nutrient in dairy, leafy vegetables, liver, yeast, and mushrooms. Men need 1.3mg of vitamin B2, women need 1.1 mg.

B3, niacin, supports over 400 enzymes! It works on releasing energy from nutrients, repairing DNA and has antioxidant effects. Niacin regulates inflammatory processes and the breakdown of fat in fatty tissue. Choose meat and fish, legumes, and nuts for the nutrient. Deficiency in niacin may also disrupt sleep. Men should get 16mg of vitamin B3, women should get 14mg.

B5, pantothenic acid, helps in forming coenzyme A, required to digest and synthesize fatty acids. It also gives a hand in making neurotransmitters and hormones. Try broccoli, wholegrain cereals, and meat for this nutrient. 5mg of B5  is the daily norm for both sexes.

B6 regulates glucose in the brain, breaks down all main macronutrients and boosts our immune function. It assists neurotransmitters involved in depression and anxiety. Get it from legumes, bananas, meat, and fish. Men should aim to get 1.3mg of B6, and women require 1.3mg.

Maxler Magnesium B6 is great for replenishing your B6 supplies, or if you are under stress. The duo restores magnesium levels, which get depleted under stress. It may improve mental health and quality of life for those under stress.

Tubes with Maxler tabs

B7, biotin, assists in digesting macronutrients and regulates cellular signals. Essential for controlling glucose metabolism, you can get it from leafy veggies, liver, eggs. Biotin can improve hair and nail growth in certain people. Get at 30mcg of biotin regardless of sex.

Folic acid, vitamin B9, makes red blood cells, and is especially needed at times of quick growth, like pregnancy. Folate is key for synthesis of neurotransmitters like serotonin and melatonin. Choose citrus, leafy greens and legumes to meet your daily 400mcg requirement.

Finally, B12 helps make healthy blood cells, DNA and brain cells. Make sure to get enough of this nutrient, as it can impact folic acid levels. Both men and women should get at least 2.4mcg, with the best sources being animal products.

C is for collagen

Vitamin C really does it all – helps make collagen, hormones, neurotransmitters and even take in iron. Choose citrus, leafy greens, cabbage, and strawberries to get this nutrient, but remember not to heat it up.

Men should get 90mg of vitamin C, while women should get 75mg. If you’re a smoker, you should add 35mg to the minimum.

D is for dense bones

We make Vitamin D from being out in the sun, but we can also get it from fish and yolks. We need it for hormones and our immunity. Necessary for strong bones, try pairing it with calcium. Remember that sunscreen diminishes its production.

Your daily requirement is 15mcg.

Maxler Vitamin E

E is against environmental stressors

Tocochromanols are a group of compounds called vitamin E. It possesses antioxidant activity, protecting from environmental stressors like pollution. Pair it with vitamin C, and get it from nuts, seeds and grains.

Get at least 15mg of vitamin E.

K is for coagulation

Vitamin K maintains coagulation, while preventing mineral deposits on the arteries and veins. It’s essential for bones and you can get it from basil, chard, natto, butter, and chicken. Men require 120mcg of vitamin K, while women need about 90mcg.

Maxler D3+K2 Vitamin Complex are a great way to get both vitamin D and K. It is a perfect supplement for people living an active lifestyle, for those who want to add the required amount of vitamins to their everyday routine.

Multivitamins - an easy way to meet your dietary requirements

It is very important to get your daily vitamins through your diet, but sometimes, life gets in the way and it becomes hard to meet your daily targets. You may look for an easy way to replenish what you’re missing – Maxler multivitamins can help you reach your goals in a convenient way.

Maxler knows that women and men may have different requirements – for example, daily iron and folate requirements in menstruating women are higher than that in men.

Therefore, Maxler developed a professional and a wellness line of sex-specific multivitamins, so that you can choose the ones that suit your needs.

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