BCAAs for Muscles: How Amino Acids Power Your Gains

BCAAs for Muscles: How Amino Acids Power Your Gains

Ever wonder what the bright-looking liquid that people sip while working out might be? Or maybe your favorite gym influencer talked about BCAAs without you really understanding what they are? These aminos are a group of amino acids that support performance. It’s a supplement with a load of fans, alongside things like protein powders and creatine. So, what are they and what’s their job in our muscles?

What do BCAAs actually do?

First things first, BCAAs make up a group of 3 aminos with a specific structure. They are part of the aminos we must eat daily, called the essential amino acids (EAAs). However, the BCAAs have their own role in our body1,2,3,4:

BCAAs for Muscles: How Amino Acids Power Your Gains

Now that we know what they do, what’s the difference between them and other popular supplements?

Comparing with other supplements: BCAAs vs creatine vs whey

When you’re looking at what to take, you might wonder, should I be taking BCAAs or another supplement? Let’s break it down.

BCAAs vs creatine. If you’re aiming to build muscle quickly, creatine may be a better option. However, both supplements will support muscle-building and help with recovery.

BCAAs vs protein. Amino acid supplements benefit us by addressing a specific need. They are fantastic for muscle preservation during fasted workouts and supporting muscle endurance as you work out. Protein on the other hand is great for overall musclebuilding, so it’s better to use it after a workout or when you want to have a protein-rich snack.

How and when do I use these supplements?

When should you take the aminos? BCAAs are super versatile – whether you pre-with them or take them afterward, you’ll be benefitting from them anyway. For soreness, we suggest a dose of BCAAs before and/or during the workout. You can take them after if you’re not having a protein shake.

To use, simply add them to your shaker on their own or with your favorite pre-workout supplements and drinks. You sip on them throughout the training too.

BCAAs for Muscles: How Amino Acids Power Your Gains

How to choose BCAAs?

When looking for the best BCAA supplement, there are a few things to keep in mind, namely:

  • Quality of the product;
  • Type of product and ease of use;
  • Optimal ratio of amino acids (2:1:1);
  • Any additional ingredients.

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      Boosting performance and muscle growth with BCAAs

      BCAAs are a great way to support your muscle gain and recovery. These aminos can be mixed with other pre-workout ingredients to help you get the most out of your workout. Pair them with plenty of protein in your daily diet and a rigorous training regime, and you’ll be hitting your personal best in no time.

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