Low on Energy? Here’s How to Keep Up with Fitness

Low on Energy? Here's How to Keep Up with Fitness

Rainy, cold weather, pressure from work, or simply not having enough sleep – sounds familiar? During those days, the last thing you want to think about is going to the gym or hitting the court for some exercise. While it’s normal to experience energy lows, they don’t have to put your fitness journey on hold. If you’re committed to powering through and achieving your goals despite low energy, read on.

Why am I feeling low energy?

Let’s talk about energy dips. To properly address them, it’s key to understand why they occur in the first place. Potential things that might be affecting your energy levels include1:

  • Not getting enough slumber – sleeping too little or not sleeping well can affect your energy levels, leaving you feeling unmotivated.
  • Stress – everyone gets stressed, but not being able to manage it might lead to no energy.
  • Unbalanced nutrition – if you’re not eating enough or skipping meals, or if your diet is mainly processed, your energy reserves can be affected.
  • Not enough water – dehydration can leave you feeling tired.
  • Overtraining – if you’re grinding in the gym non-stop, not giving your body time to recover and rest can lead to a low-energy state.

As always, if you’re feeling low energy for a long time, consult with your doctor to rule out any other causes. But if any of these causes sound like you, then we’ve got plenty of tips on getting you through the tiredness and back in the gym in no time.

How can I adapt my workout to my low energy?

If you’re just not feeling up to it, you can adjust your workouts to compensate for your lack of energy. Remember to stay kind to yourself and flexible with your routine – some days of exercise might feel very tough, but being adaptable and flexible will help you stay on track to hit your goals.

Try shorter workouts – for example, you can stack your exercises into supersets with smaller breaks. Alternatively, just focus on working out for a set amount of time, whether that’s 10 or 30 minutes. A little goes a long way, so even those 10 minutes count.

Try something new – spice things up with an exercise or a class you’ve wanted to try but never have. Sometimes, the novelty of what you’re doing can be a great motivator.

Grab a buddy – having a person that you exercise with or that holds you accountable can be a great motivator. Grab your friends and hit the gym or sports court together for a social sport session. Even if you take it lightly and focus on socializing instead, you’ll still be exercising.

Boost your energy before the workout – have a snack before you head to the gym so your body has some extra fuel.

Try caffeine before you exercise – caffeine is a potent stimulant that can help you power through tiredness2.

Low on Energy? Here's How to Keep Up with Fitness

Low on Energy? Here's How to Keep Up with Fitness

If you’re so exhausted that you don’t think you can work out at all, take a rest day instead and focus on helping your body rest and recharge.

How can I support my energy levels?

Luckily, lifestyle changes can help you look after your energy levels, and if done consistently, should help with feeling up to working out.

Get plenty of sleep – address your sleep hygiene and aim to get around 7-9 hours of sleep consistently.

Recover well – if you exercise a lot, you might have issues with energy due to overtraining. Assess your recovery strategies. Ensure you’re taking rest days and engaging in active recovery through swimming, walking, or even yoga. Massage your muscles. Also, BCAA + Glutamine is a great way to support your muscles in recovering after a workout3.

Low on Energy? Here's How to Keep Up with Fitness

Stay hydrated – not drinking enough can affect our energy levels, mood, and our ability to concentrate4. If you sweat a lot or forget to drink regularly, consider adding electrolytes to your water.

Nourish yourself – if you’re prone to skipping meals, your body might not have the energy to workout. Eat balanced meals regularly and frequently to keep your energy levels up. Ensure you get some carbs and protein with every meal.

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      Low energy doesn’t have to make your fitness goals unachievable. Support your body by staying properly hydrated, looking after your sleep, and eating balanced meals to keep yourself energized. Additionally, you can try changing up your workouts to help you get through the low-energy days. Knowing how to get through the hard times makes it easier to reach your goals!

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