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Arginine Ornithine Lysine

More power, better pumps, more gains

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Growing muscles with Arginine Ornithine Lysine

Arginine Ornithine Lysine bottle and capsules
  • high potency
  • 2.7 g amino acids per serving

If you’re looking to put on muscle mass, you may be interested in increasing the amount of growth hormone your body makes. Growth Hormone can favor protein building processes and improve muscle strength. Arginine Ornithine Lysine can boost growth hormone production, especially when combined with resistance training.

The benefits of arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid which is used to build protein and stimulate creatine and nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide can dilate blood vessels. So, arginine helps with blood pressure, fertility for men and even can be beneficial during pregnancy.

The benefits of ornithine

L-ornithine is another amino acid, being especially important in making urea, which is necessary to get the body rid of ammonia – a harmful by-product of amino acid metabolism. L-ornithine can be used to make arginine and it boosts your strength and endurance when you work out. It can also make you less tired.

The benefits of lysine

L-lysine has a variety of functions in the body, from making collagen, which keeps your joints in top shape to keeping cold sores at bay. It also helps with calcium absorbance.

These amino acids have multiple benefits on their own but are especially potent for the purposes of muscle building when combined. Together, they increase the production of growth hormone. The lysine also increases the rate at which muscle grows.

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing kickstart to muscle building, or if you’d like to maintain your muscle mass as you age, Arginine Ornithine Lysine is a combination of three high-quality ingredients scientifically shown to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 33

Amount Per 100 g Per Serving
Energy Value 1376 kJ (322 kcal) 45 kJ (10 kcal)
Fat 0.9 g <0.1 g
– of which Saturated Fatty Acids 0.9 g <0.1 g
Carbohydrates <0.1 g <0.1 g
– of which Sugar <0.1 g <0.1 g
Protein 61.3 g 2 g
Salt <0.1 g <0.1 g
L-Ornithine Hydrochloride 29805 mg 963 mg
– thereof L-Ornithine 23213 mg 750 mg
L-Lysine Hydrochloride 29062 mg 939 mg
– thereof L-Lysine 23213 mg 750 mg
L-Arginine 25070 mg 810 mg

Ingredients: L-Ornithine HCL, L-Lysine HCl, L-Arginine, Gelatin (Capsule), Anti-caking Agent (Magnesium Stearate).

Arginine Ornithine Lysine bottle and capsules


Training days: take 1 serving (3 capsules) right after exercise or before bedtime.

Non-training days: take one serving before bedtime.


We make the Growth Hormone naturally in the pituitary gland. GH controls many processes in the body, and it helps to release IGF1, the insulin-like growth factor 1. IGF1 is another hormone, which promotes muscle building and is responsible for the benefits the Growth Hormone provides.

The supplement is a convenient tab containing 750 mg of ornithine, lysine and 810 mg of arginine, with no unnecessary ingredients like colorings or flavor.

If you’d like to give a boost to muscle building processes, consider taking Arginine Ornithine Lysine. You may also benefit from taking this supplement if you’re older, as GH production decreases with age. This supplement can also decrease the amount of muscle you lose as you age.

Lysine and arginine are amino acids that are used to build protein, with lysine being essential, meaning that our bodies cannot make it. Arginine on the other hand is conditionally essential, so our body makes it, but sometimes we might need more than we can make. Ornithine is also an amino acid, but it doesn’t get used to build protein – instead, the body uses it to get rid of waste nitrogen as it helps make urea.

You can get many amino acids from protein sources like protein powders, while specific supplements only provide a particular amino acid due to its benefits. The amino acids you’ll get from protein powders will include the musclebuilding amino acids. However, there are other amino acids that support performance but are not found in protein powder. For example, ornithine isn’t in protein powders, but its benefits support your training.

Yes! This compound is an important signal that helps with increasing the flow of your blood. This then improves how much nutrients your muscles get, helping you reach new peaks in performance and recovery. Additionally, its job is to get rid of waste from the muscle cells. This makes it a great helper for strength and endurance training.

A man and a woman talking in the gym
A man and a woman talking in the gym

More protein - more amino acids - more L-ornithine


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